Exceptional (Exceptional Series Book #1) by Jess Petosa


Exceptional is the frist book in the Exceptional Series by Jess Petosa.

Read: October 2012

I rated it on Goodreads: 4 stars

Book Description:

In the future, things are anything but ordinary…

In 2022, the United States commissioned a group of scientists to experiment with genetic mutations. Their goal was to create a serum that would alter the human genetic code, making the subject stronger and faster. They succeeded but their victory was short lived. Not only had they created a super serum, but also an airborne virus. By 2025, seventy-five percent of the world’s population had perished. The survivors, well their lives would never be the same.

175 A.V.

Ally is an Ordinary; a human immune to the virus. She lives in a settlement outside the City with her mother and twin brother, but lately it doesn’t seem to be enough. She is wrestling between being with her family and volunteering to move to the City, where she can work for the Exceptionals.

Luke is an Exceptional; a superior human being. His ancestors were infected with the virus and lived through it, leaving their super human strength and special abilities to him. He has never given much thought to Ordinarys, despite pressure from his father to choose one from the ORC. But all of that changes when he meets Ally…

My Reivew:

What a great book. A quick and easy read, at leas for me. Ally is a strong leading character who finds herself in a situation she wasn’t expecting. Ally is what they can an ordinary, a human being with no exceptional abilities, she’s about to turn 18 and decides to jump the border, expecting it to be quick, she jumps to one side then back to other, and even watches some Exceptional (advanced human beings) do it with no problem. But Ally gets caught by the City Guards and taken into custody before she can jump back across, leaving her twin brother Stosh on the othe side.

One of the boys that she watched make the jump Luke, claims her as his ordinary and takes her into his home. He plans to contract with her, so they can be together. However, his father the city leader decides to use Ally to try and force Luke to admit to having stronger abilities than he lets on.

Underlying in this “sci-fi” story is the love story of Ally and Luke. However events happen that change things and we find out that Ally is actually Exceptional and that her mother found a way to hide what she was her entire life. This changes thigns for Ally and Luke.

I really did enjoy watching Ally and Luke fall in love with each other and see Ally struggle with the news that shes Exceptional. While I was happy that Luke and Pax (Luke’s friend) helped Ally and some ordinaries escape I was not happy about how the book ended, and it only made me hate Luke’s father Aden even more.

Here is hoping the next book comes out soon. I realy need to see what happens with Luke and Ally.

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