A Beautiful Dark (A Beautiful Dark #1)

11183973A Beautiful Dark is the first in the Beautiful Dark series by Jocelyn Davies.

Read: May 2013

I rated on Goodreads: 5 Starts

Book Description:

Skye never questioned the story of her life. Her Aunt Jo adopted her after the death of her parents when she was just a child, and together they flip through memories the way some people flip through photo albums.

She never questioned if the stories were true.

Until the night of her 17th birthday, when the arrival of two strangers intrudes on her cozy life. Polar opposites, like fire and ice, Asher is dark and wild, while Devin is fair, cold, and aloof. Skye has no idea what they want—only that their presence coincides with the beginning of some shockingly strange events. Events that Skye, if she dares to think it, might be responsible for causing.

High up in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, Skye finds herself caught in the middle of an ancient battle, one that began untold millennia ago. Torn between unpredictable Asher, whom she loves, and the infuriating Devin, who she can’t stay away from, her fate is murky as a starless night. And as the secrets of her true identity are revealed, Skye realizes that her destiny may reside in the Heavens—or somewhere darker

My Review:

As usual I’ve been taking extra time to come up with a review for a book I’ve finished….I’m not sure why this time, since I really enjoyed A Beautiful Dark, it was a great first book for a series.

The story is about Skye Parker, a normal 17 year old girl who lives with her adoptive mother, who she calls Aunt Jo, because she was her mother’s best friend. During her surprise birthday party things start to happen (only because this is the start of the book. Lol) and she meets a stranger Asher outside of the coffee house her party is in. Things have always been a little strange for Skye, such as the fact that her eyes can change to Silver instead of the grey they normally are, and she hopes no one has ever noticed, except her friend, and would be suitor Ian notices it and comments on it several times.

Along with Asher, Skye meets his cousin Devin. They are the opposite of each other, one dark and one light. Asher is outgoing and flirtatious and Devin is quite and cautious. These two seem to start showing up everywhere Skye is, including on the ski trip where Asher and her get caught in a snow cave and Asher shows her that he can make fire. This brings on a whole slew of other questions, until finally Asher and Devin come clean with Skye about who they are, and why they are there for her.  However, this is only after Asher tells a campfire story that Skye recognizes as something her parents told her when she was young, before they died. Skye soon comes to find out, through Asher and Devin, it’s not a story it’s her life.

Basically this story is about good vs. evil, freewill vs. control. Devin likes order, but starts to question it when he starts to develop feelings for Skye, who is drawn to Asher. Asher is the bad boy who shouldn’t want Skye, but does anyway. Both are trying to get Skye to join their side, Rebels vs. The Order….but Skye’s decision is shocking and the book is left in a nice little cliffhanger, that definitely makes you want to read the next book.

This book was very well written and easy to follow, which for me is a big plus, and it gave enough back story throughout the back to make it more enjoyable for me. Looking forward to seeing where Skye’s journey takes us and who if either of them she ends up with. My vote is for Asher.

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