So my friend Andi, of Andi’s ABCs did a post on May 22nd, about her Authors Auto Buy list. It’s a list of books she’d buy just because she likes the author, even without knowing what the book was about; she just has to see the author’s name. Like here I do that too, so I decided to put together a list of my own.  My list may vary in genres but I these are all amazing authors, and I hope that you give them a shot. The links from the books go to their buy pages.

Here it goes:

Jess Petosa

13506667 13514559

Jamie McGuire

11505797   15745950

Veronica Roth

13335037 11735983 17406183

Madeleine Beckett

16041114 16146206

J.M. Darhower


James Ramsey


Ann Aguirre

7137327 15767101 10596724

T.M. Franklin


Suzanne Young


Kassie West



I’d love to hear your list.

To visit Andi’s list visit her blog here Andi’s ABCs