Today’s Top Ten at The Broke and the Bookish is Books that Intimidate me. 

Top Ten Words/Topics that make me not want to pick up a book:

  1. Death: any book pertaining to death and afterlife as the main focal point, murder mystery books are ok.
  2. Celebrity Biography: Not really interested in reading about someone’s fabulous (or so they think life)
  3. Zombie’s: not a big fan
  4. Time Travel: these books confuse me with the constant jumping from one time period to another
  5. Love Triangles: love triangles in stories are a big turn off for me, they are always messy and seem to draw things out.
  6. Westerns: I will admit I like a few cowboy romance books, but I’m not really drawn to books about the wild west.
  7. Thrillers: Scary thrillers are a big no no for me.
  8. Author Stephen King: most of his work scares me so I avoid it at all costs
  9. Werewolves: haven’t really found a werewolf book that I’ve liked.

Could only come up with 9 this time…..