Dance of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Title: Dance of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death, #2)13599291
Author: Bethany Griffin
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Stars: 5 of 5

Goodreads Description:

Bethany Griffin continues the journey of Araby Worth in Dance of the Red Death—the sequel to her teen novel Masque of the Red Death.

In Dance of the Red Death, Araby’s world is in shambles—betrayal, death, disease, and evil forces surround her. She has no one to trust. But she finds herself and discovers that she will fight for the people she loves, and for her city.

Her revenge will take place at the menacing masked ball, though it could destroy her and everyone she loves…or it could turn her into a hero.

With a nod to Edgar Allan Poe, Bethany Griffin concludes her tragic and mysterious Red Death series with a heroine that young adult readers will never forget.

My Review:

A lot of times when reading a sequel I have a hard time either remember the first book, or understanding where the characters were at. Luckily a friend told me that re-reading the last chapter of Masque would help me when reading this, so I did it. Luckily Dance of the Red Death starts off right where Masque of the Red Death leaves off.

Araby and company are escaping the city by airship while the city is demolished by disease. During their escape their airship is damaged and they have to make an emergency landing on top of an old dilapidated house in the swamp. While they are there working on the ship we see the struggle between Araby and Will, whom she hasn’t forgive for his betrayal and the mixed feelings she has for Elliott, who I say still can’t be trusted. To top that off April is sick and Araby knows they need to find her father if they have any hope of saving her.

The struggles they all face while trying to save their city and defeat both the Reverend and the Prince. The more I read this book the less I liked Elliott and his reasons for wanting to be with Araby, and continued to hope that her and Will made up. I think that I enjoyed this book much better than the first one because there was way more action in it, between fighting the Prince, restoring the City and figuring out who she wants to be with, Araby is a strong heroin who does what she needs to in order to survive, and save those she loves.

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