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Top Ten Tuesdays-Book Turn Offs


 Today’s Top Ten at The Broke and the Bookish is:  

Top Ten Books Turn Offs

1. Cheating
I can’t stand books where the main character is either cheated on, or does the cheating. There is no need for it.

2. Love Triangles
Even well written, they tend to get annoying fast, especially when they are dragged out for half the story.

3. Instant Love
Stories where the boy/girl fall in love in the first chapter doesn’t work for me. I prefer to see their love build, however, books with unrequited love aren’t so bad.

4. Abuse
I won’t read any book where someone is getting abused for more than a chapter, if it’s a story about how someone recovers from the abuse and it’s a pivot point for the story, then I’m okay. But an entire story about a character repeatedly staying with an abusive parent or partner is a big big turn off.

5. Badly Written Characters
These are the ones that are there for what seems like no purpose what so ever, or are there to cause the main characters angst.

6. No Story Movement
When a book is part of a series, and does nothing to help the story along.

7. Bad Covers
If the cover annoys me I admit, I have a tendency to not read a summary and see if the book is worth reading.

8. Poorly written Summaries
Summaries that don’t have anything to do with letting the reader know what the story is about. I’m not asking for a lot of details in the summary, but enough to know if this is a story that will grab my attention.

9. User/Cocky Male Characters
When the sole purpose of the male character is to use and discard the female character. When the male character lets the female character know that if she doesn’t want him, there are plenty of others that do. I hate male characters that use jealousy or other women to get the female character to react how they want.

OK So I could only come up with 9…….

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays-Book Turn Offs

  1. I agree with each and every single one of these. So much yes in this post.

    As for the abuse, in particular, I couldn’t have said it better myself. If it’s focus is recovery, I’m good with it, but I can’t stand to see someone repeatedly put themself in that situation.

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