Today’s Top Ten at The Broke and the Bookish is:  

Top Ten Best/Worst Series Endings



1. Rise: This was by far the worst ending to any series I have read so far. Honestly to me this wasn’t an ending, it was a re-telling of the first book, with a cliffhanger. No epilogue.


2. Requiem: I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this one, and I actually enjoyed this book, but the end of the book left much to be desired in my eyes. I feel like the book just ended, like the series could have been finished better.


3. Specials: Again another book that just ended, I guess I’m the type of person who likes and epilogue, something to let me know where the characters ended up. Did the main couple stay together, that kind of thing, and with this because I had no interest in reading the fourth book, which I also heard wasn’t really about the main couple or that good, I have no idea what happened after this ended, abruptly.


4. Reached: Again another book that left me wanting more. Honestly it’s been so long since I’ve read it, but I do know that the second book in the series disappointed me greatly, so I had high hopes for Reached, and was a little let down at the end.


These are a few of the series enders that I truly enjoyed.


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