Review: Ordinary (Exceptional 3) by Jess Petosa

Title: Ordinary (Exceptional 3)13514563
Author: Jess Petosa
Stars: 4 of 5

Goodreads and Amazon Description:

The much anticipated third book in the Exceptional series.

“I think your issue is less about localized behavior and more about human nature. I’ve seen the history books. Someone always has to be better. Someone always has to conquer.”

Ally and her friends are once again leaving the comfort of home and setting their sights on the Southern City. Does it exist? Will Ally find what she is looking for?

Someone will become Exceptional.
Someone with die.
New friends will be made.
Old friends will be lost

My Review:

Hmmmmm, well I was excited for this to finally come out, and I read it in a day and half…mainly because I wanted to see what happened with Luke, Ally and Max, have to say I was happy with that resolution. I wanted to give this a 5, but stuck with a four because there were parts of the book that I did not think were that great. We were introduced to a new character, whose point of view we were given throughout the book, the only reason that I was ok with it was that it brought us to a new place, and we got to see a little about how other exceptional and ordinary’s lived.

Marnie is the new exceptional that we are introduced to, and it happens as soon as you start the book. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Marnie, but I actually liked her as the book went on. I was glad she was not brought in to become a rival for Ally where Luke was concerned, because yes throughout this book I still rooted for Luke and Ally.

The adventure that they took us on as the group left Champaign and headed to the Southern City was made even better with the addition of Luke accompanying them. This gave Luke and Ally, at least a chance to be around them and try and resolve their issues, however, Max was going as well. Seeing Ally mad at Luke made it worth him having to squirm a little.

What I really liked about this was that Jess Petosa didn’t just make Ally forgive Luke, she had to battle her feelings for both Luke and Max, and when the resolution came, it came after the changes that Ally, Luke and the group, now including Marnie and her guard Evan, were trying to make in the world.

The ending was great, it ended with a happy note, and left me happy that it was all tied up and there were no loose ends. I’ll leave my review there as to not add anything that will give away too much about what happens in the story.

One thought on “Review: Ordinary (Exceptional 3) by Jess Petosa

  1. Can you please just let me know who ends up together? I don’t have time to finish the books as a full time mother Now.

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