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Title: The Lucky Charm |Goodreads|
Author: Beth Bolden |GoodreadsWebsite |
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Publication Date: May 3, 2014
Format: Ebook
Source: Kindle, Amazon




|Amazon| Description:


Izzy Dalton’s about to strike out. Her new job as the sideline reporter for the Portland Pioneers major league baseball team is problematic on several levels:

  1. Baseball is her least-favorite sport. Falling behind golf, tennis, and maybe even curling.
  2. What Izzy knows about baseball could fill about three minutes of airtime.
  3. Her last experience in front of a camera was in college. Six years ago.
  4. The Pioneers’ second baseman has a wicked sense of humor and even wickeder blue eyes.


Jack Bennett couldn’t be more uninterested in a little sideline action. He just wants to show up at the park and win baseball games. Izzy is the one woman he should steer clear of, but she’s also the key to his success–and his heart, too.

All Izzy has to do is convince her misogynistic boss she’s competent, learn what the heck an RBI is, and stay away from Jack Bennett. Izzy tells herself it’ll be a snap, but 162 games is longer than she ever imagined and Jack more irresistible than she counted on.

My Review:

This was a book I bought back in May or June of last year, but did not get around to reading until this year when I was trying to stick to reading books I had bought and were already on my Kindle. I’m mad at myself for waiting, this book was very cute, a love story centered on Baseball, which I’m not really a fan of.

The book is told from both Izzy’s point of view as she navigates her way through a new job as a sideline reporter for a not so good baseball team in Portland, as well as Jack, who is the second basemen for said baseball team and try as he might to stay away from her, he is drawn to Izzy the moment they meet.  There are several other minor characters who play a part in the story, Charlie, Izzy’s boss who is like a father to her, and forced into retirement after a heart attack, Noah, Izzy’s new boss, who is not thrilled with Izzy from the moment they meat, mainly because of her inexperience and looks, and lastly Noah, Jack’s best friend and fellow ball player.  All of these minor characters play a great role in interacting with Jack and Izzy both professionally and personally.

The thing I liked best about this story was that the plot followed what the author promised in the description. There was no insta-love, insta-attraction yes, but it took a while for Izzy and Jack to get to the love point of their relationship. What was really good about this story was that you got to see both of them struggle with their attraction while they focused on their job and “friendship” that they were forming. Jack ends up being of great help to Izzy as she learns the game of baseball, and unbeknownst to Izzy, she has become his good luck charm, which for a man that does not believe in superstitions, is an odd thing to realize.

The sub stories in this book centered on Izzy and Jack’s relationships with the outside people in their life. For Izzy this was the father/daughter relationship she had with Charlie, and for Jack it was his relationship with Noah. These were the relationships that affected the characters, especially when something happens to both Charlie and Noah.

I wholly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun sports/romance story, where friendship evolves into something more.

My Rating :


One thought on “Review: The Lucky Charm by Beth Bolden

  1. I haven’t read many books like this one, and I think it could be a cute read one day. I’ll definitely keep it in mind!

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