A letter to my blog readers

Dear readers:

So I realize that I haven’t posted in a couple weeks. I had hoped that I would have a ton of reviews that I needed to get done written by now…..didn’t happen. I’ve gotten a few started, but nothing finished. I realized this week that I’ve either waited too long or forgotten what happened in the book, which is bad I know, or I’ve just not felt like I could write a review where I said the same thing about every book I read: I loved it, the characters were great, or it was not my cup of tea. I want to be able to express different feelings about each book I read, and lately I don’t feel that I have been able to do that the right way. I do not want to not review the books I’ve read, especially those that were given to me by the publisher, but I also don’t want to lose blog readers because all my reviews say the same thing. So I’ve taken a step back in the last couple of weeks and did what I do best when stressed about reviews or life in general. I turned to my guilty pleasure free Kindle Romance books.

I am obsessed with free books from Kindle, and most of them seem to be either New Adult Romance or quick novellas full of insta-love and ridiculousness. These are my go to books when I either need a break, a quick read, or just can’t focus on a book that really makes me think at a time I don’t want to. In fact I’ve read two such books in the last two days:

 25218449 20938778

While these are not Novellas or Insta-love and actually have story to them, they still were “mindless” reads. These were cute love stories, believable love stories and I did enjoy them.  My hope now is that I can get back on track next week and catch up on reviews and do what I set this blog up to do, share my thoughts and opinions on books that I have read.

Thanks for your patience and support, especially from other bloggers who understand where I’m at.


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