A HUGE Thank You Secret Sister

So to try and put myself out there more I decided to join the On the Same Page Secret Sister round that lasts from February to July. It is basically about being a cheerleader from one blogger to another, and I have to say that every time I get something from the blogger who has me, or I see the blogger I have post something on twitter about how much they love their gift/note, it puts a HUGE smile on my face, and that to me is the reason behind this secret sister idea. So in that spirit, and since I have no idea who has me, I wanted to post a thank you from me to her.

Dear Secret Sister,

As we get down to the end of this round of Secret sisters I wanted to say thank you, thank you for making me a part of this huge blogging community. Being able to participate in this round has given me the opportunity to connect with bloggers I may not have otherwise.  I really wanted you to know that I appreciate every gift, note and word of encouragement that you have sent me thus far.

I have to say that even if over the past four months all you would have sent me were cards with encouraging notes, I would have appreciate them as much as I do every little gift that you have sent.  I’ve been very nervous about this whole blogging thing since I started it, and since I’ve really been active since May 2013, I have always felt that I was not really a part of the blogging community; you have made me not feel that way any longer.

I will say that my most favorite gift is my mini BEA survival kit. It really put a smile on my face knowing that I’m a little more ready to go. I’m nervous as all get out to be going, afraid that I will be too overwhelmed by the whole experience that I will miss book drops, authors I really want to meet and be too scared to talk to any of the other bloggers I run into, but with your little gift I feel much better prepared to at least be there, to experience it all.  So thank you for that.



Also thank you for the books you have gotten me, I’m not sure how long it would have taken for me to catch up with The Lunar Chronicles if you hadn’t sent me Scarlet and Cress, the same with the Legend series, if you hadn’t gifted me with Prodigy and Champion, I probably would not be planning to read them this year. So thank you for helping me with my goal this year to finish some series I’ve started.

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I’ve been trying to use the Calendar you sent me, but I have to admit that while I wrote in it, I have yet to actually post when I planned. I have a hard time keeping myself on track and I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks trying to get myself back on track and use the calendar you so graciously sent me.


And last but not least, thank you for feeding my obsession with Baby Groot. I smile every time I look at the Funko Pop or book mark that you sent me.


Again thank you for everything, and I look forward to thanking you again in the coming months, and hopefully finding out who you are in the end. Though I’m ok if you want to keep it a secret after that, just know that I appreciate you and everything you have done to make me smile over the past few months.


4 thoughts on “A HUGE Thank You Secret Sister

  1. This is such a nice letter to your Secret Sister and I REALLY hope that she sees it! What fun you have had this round. It’s so cool to see how she not only is paying attention to the books that you want but also to the things that are coming up for you (that BEA survival kit is SO awesome and so thoughtful!). I love seeing things like this. I love seeing how the thoughtfulness really matters. So fun! Glad you could do this round and that you got yourself out there! That was kind of my intention with it too and I have ZERO regrets!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I really hope she sees it too, but since I have NO CLUE who she is, I’m not sure if she will. I’ve really enjoyed everything from her, and that BEA survival kit is awesome. It makes me feel special to know she is paying attention to some of the things I respond to on Twitter. It lets me know she cares enough, as well as sharing some of her favorites with me, like Cress and Scarlet.

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