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5 Big Blogs I’m too Afraid to Approach


So after thinking about the blogs/bloggers I follow on twitter, I’ve decided to list the 5 Big Blogs I am  scared to approach. These are 5 Bloggers and their blogs that “intimidate” me, to the point that I won’t approach the blogger either on Twitter or via email…or maybe even in person. So I’ve gone through the people I follow on Twitter that I haven’t said anything to, but follow loyally and I’ve found the 5 I’m scared to approach, and what I’m doing to change that.

| Website |

| Website  |

| Website  |

| Website  |

| Website |

For all of these blogs, I found them through the Gals On The Same Page OTSPSecretSister project. I have followed them and check out their blog once or twice, but I haven’t really approached them.  I think what I’m going to do to bridge this gap is follow all of their blogs, make sure to comment more, and maybe say Hi once or twice on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “5 Big Blogs I’m too Afraid to Approach

  1. I know all of them and they are all so sweet! Amy is one of my best friends 😀 And Lisa and Gaby at Bookish Broads are so incredibly wonderful — they all are!

  2. Hey, don’t be afraid to approach them 🙂 They’re great bloggers, and super nice. Go ahead and say hi or whatnot XD I used to be so afraid to comment when I was new, and sort of like a scared mouse. I mean, you just go to their blog even if you don’t know them…? I was terrified tbh XD

    But everyone on the blogosphere is super nice 🙂 good luck!

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