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Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015-Nicole and Sophia from Quality Fangirls


So the lovely ladies over at The Book Bratz, Amber and Jessica, have created this amazing tour to celebrate US, the Book Bloggers. The tour will last 9 weeks, from July 5th-August 31st, where each Sunday I will promote another Blogger from this amazing Blogging Community that we have.

This week we have Nicole and Sophia from Quality Fangirls:

We are totally excited to be a guest on Between the Pages for this year’s SBPT! Today we get to talk about what makes us want to pick up a book. Why we pick up a book is a big part of why we read. How can we decide what to read without it?

Nicole’s Response

This is an interesting topic for me to talk about since I am currently struggling to find the time to read, and read when I find the time to. It seems as if every time I am trying to read a book, when I find that sliver of time to myself, that I can’t bring myself to read the words on the pages. I get distract, tired, and eventually I don’t read. It’s quite frustrating since I obviously love reading, and I use to read everyday. I feel as if it has something to do with the fact that I haven’t been reading at all so it’s hard for me to get back into something I’m not entirely use to anymore.

I am definitely a mood reader. Sometimes I’ll want something cute and light an easy so I’ll pick up a fluffy contemporary, or I’ll want a romance that will make me fall in love so I’ll pick up a book people have been obsessing over about the romance, or I’ll want something completely out of this world as an escape from reality so I’ll pick up a fantasy. What’s hard about that is picking the right book that will fulfill that need, most of the time it just doesn’t happen the way I want it to, but others it was the perfect time for me to read it (that’s obviously the best feeling in the world). What’s also hard is finding the time to put down review books and reading for personal pleasure, though most review books are also for personal pleasure too so it’s not too bad.

So when I’m having trouble reading like I currently am, I’m not sure where my mood reading stands. I do want to read of course, I want to read all the stories I can, but I also don’t feel like reading at all. Right now I am trying to go for some funny graphic novels. Usually graphic novels are a nice break from the novels I read so that is possibly what I need. If not I think I will try to go for some audio books. I’m very picky with them because some narrations are quite boring, but I have listened to some pretty good ones.

Sophia’s Response

It’s hard to really say what draws me to a book or what doesn’t. Good covers and titles will always attract me. Everything sounds good on the inside flap, so sometimes it boils down to Goodreads or if I’ve heard about it. I really go off recommendations not always by friends even just when you walk into a store and they have the tables that say “for people who like….” or those types of things. I wouldn’t say anything necessarily turns me off to a book though. Everything is pretty fair game in my eyes. I get very drawn into things that hit me on a personal level so things like LGBT or depression always pull me in regardless of if it ends up being not such a great book. I wanna read a book that makes me feel something besides just the normal feels, something where I have to take a minute to reflect on my own life and really learn something about myself.

Mood reading I don’t realllllllyyyy do per say. The most I can say is when I want something cheesy so I read a cheesy contemporary, but besides that I don’t have mood reading really. My TBR works really strangely, there is no order, just sheer madness. A lot of the time it goes off what Nicole recommends or what’s really hyped up in that moment because I get curious.


About Us

Quality Fangirls is the collective craziness of two best friends; Sophia & Nicole. In their 10 years (and counting) of friendship it only recently arised that they were both completely book / fandom obsessed. The only next logical step was to create a blog and share their crazy with the world. Nicole is the artsy management of the duo; smart, punctual, hard working, photoshop genius, she’s the reason the blog runs as beautiful as it does ( though she’s completely and utterly crazy, all the smart ones are). Sophia is the creative procrastinator that every duo has, between writing posts last minute and going through weird reading binges and then flat lines for months. Here at QF there is one goal; to create the best collaboration of books and fandom mash up as possible and to share it with the people who get our feels. 


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