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Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015-Kim from Dreaming in Libraries


So the lovely ladies over at The Book Bratz, Amber and Jessica, have created this amazing tour to celebrate US, the Book Bloggers. The tour will last 9 weeks, from July 5th-August 31st, where each Sunday I will promote another Blogger from this amazing Blogging Community that we have.

This week we have Kim from Dreaming in Libraries!

Fan Cast “Something Strange and Deadly“ Series by Susan Dennar

Ok, guys, this has been a surprisingly tough task for me, because when it comes to the appearance of a character, I’m totally crap. I just don’t really imagine how they would look like – I don’t even know why – but when I read a book the look of a character just isn’t too important for me. I could say now, that it’s the inside what matters and not the outside, but that wouldn’t be the reason either, I guess. So, please, bear with me, if you don’t like my choice.

I took my favorite series which is written by Susan Dennard and this is how my cast for the “Something Strange and Deadly” series would look like:

Kaley as Eleanor Fitt

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting as Eleanor Fitt

Guys, I’ve had such a hard time finding the perfect match for Eleanor Fitt, but in the end I think Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting would be amazing. She looks like a curious and strong-minded girl, so basically just like Eleanor.

Max as Daniel Sheridan

Max Irons as Daniel Sheridan

This one was fairly easy. Since Daniel Sheridan is my book boyfriend #1, I had a general idea how I wanted him to look like. I think Max Irons has just all the attributes Daniel has – he’s the smug and handsome boy I want.

Josh as Oliver

Josh Hutcherson as Oliver

To find an actor for Oliver wasn’t as hard as I thought, either. I love the actor Josh Hutcherson, so I think he’d be a really attractive Oliver.

Zhang as Jie Chen

Zhang Ziyi as Jie Chen

Ok, so this one has been the toughest one, since (I have to admit) I don’t really know any Asian actresses. I had to google a lot, but I think Zhang Ziyi would be a good choice for Jie Chen.


What do you think?

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