Summer Blog Tour

Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2015-Zoey from Uncreatively Zoey


So the lovely ladies over at The Book Bratz, Amber and Jessica, have created this amazing tour to celebrate US, the Book Bloggers. The tour will last 9 weeks, from July 5th-August 31st, where each Sunday I will promote another Blogger from this amazing Blogging Community that we have.

This week we have Zoey from Uncreatively Zoey:

When April asked me to write a post about why I think adults read and enjoy YA, it really got me thinking. It’s obviously been talked about, especially considering the stigma surrounding YA. And I thought about it for a really long time. I typed so many sentences and deleted them. And I think, ultimately, I have no idea why anyone besides me reads YA. I read it because YA is the genre where things really come alive. I definitely attribute a lot of that to the writing styles I read across YA. But maybe it’s also because, as a young adult myself, the situations—though often dramatized or completely out of this world (as much as I want a dragon)—are a lot easier to relate to, for me, than things like marriage and divorce and full-time jobs in adult novels. I like to think that adults can relate to the characters and situations in YA, too—there are hundreds upon hundreds of reviews to show it.

On the same note, I think YA is a little different because everyone’s been there. Adulthood? Well, I haven’t really been there. I still haven’t had to pay rent every month—I live at home and in dorms. I haven’t had to do a lot of things yet. But adults have lived through the ages of characters in YA, and young adults are there right now.

And to me, YA is just more fun than other genres. Admittedly, the only adult I’ve read is urban fantasy stuff. And that was fun, sure. (And also exhausting to keep up with because WHY ARE ALL THOSE SERIES LIKE 10 BOOKS LONG.) But they also really started to blend together for me. In YA, I get to find first loves and dragons and empires that fall apart and real life problems. I see it everywhere. And maybe it’s the same way with adult novels. I couldn’t really tell you. But I feel like you just can’t find as much of that magic—even in contemporary—in genres other than YA. And I genuinely hope that when I’m 30, when I’m 40, I’m still reading YA. There are so many stories out there, that are still coming

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