BOOK BLOGGER APPRECIATION WEEK (#BBAW) DAY 4: Staying apart of the Community

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It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week (#BBAW), a week of appreciating bloggers of books hosted byEstella Society. Five days of appreciation, interviews and discussions.


So today is officially Day 4 and it’s all about how we stayed connected to the community.

I do this by following a lot of book bloggers on Twitter, commenting on blog posts, or responding back to people who comment on my blog, and then visit their blog.

I also stay connected by being a part of the On The Same Page Secret Sisters project. I am in my third round with this project and it is soooooo much fun. You can see a post to my Secret Sister from my first round here.

I’ve also participated in Andi’s Pocket Letter exchange with other bloggers. That was fun and crafty.

So that’s about it for how I stay connected! What about you?



4 thoughts on “BOOK BLOGGER APPRECIATION WEEK (#BBAW) DAY 4: Staying apart of the Community

  1. I like hearing about all the different events and other things that people use to stay connected. I do comment a lot and take part in a few things, but it can get to be hard work. So, I also take breaks and then come back reading to talk books again. 🙂

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