It took me a while to get my very first Kindle. I think part of it was the price of them and part of it was me refusing to give up my physical books. I think reading psychical books for so long it was hard to get used to not holding a hardback or paperback, the sound of turning the pages and being able to mark special passages. In fact to this day I still don’t “bookmark” things when I read on my kindle which makes going back to find certain parts for reviews a little difficult, but it does make it easier to read anywhere I am at without lugging around a big book.

Thanks to Books for Trade, BEA and my OTSP Secret Sisters I have actually gotten back into collecting physical books that I now  may read or have read on my Kindle. In fact I’ve gotten to the point that I find it much easier to read on my kindle, or kindle app on my IPhone, it’s easier on my hands to not have to hold that big thick hardback book. But I do miss the pretty covers that come with actual physical copies of the books. Which is why every time I get a brand new book from my Secret Sister I’m super excited to add it to my collection, to get to look at the cover.

I’ve gotten so many books over the past 2 years that I’m in desperate need of buying a bookcase, re-learning to read from a physical book instead of an e-book and really enjoying collecting series and seeing the amazing covers that we miss out on with e-books. Though I will say that I am not ready to give up my Kindle either.

What about you? Physical books or E-Books which do you find it easier to read?