#LoveAThon: 2017-Getting to know you!


I’m so excited to be participating in the 2017 Love-a-Thon hosted by: Alexa of Alexa Loves Books, Cee of The Novel Hermit, Kristin of Super Space Chick & Mel of The Daily Prophecy


An Introduction to You and Your Blog

What’s your name? Where in the world are you blogging from?

My name is April and I’m blogging from the US! 

Tell us your history with reading. Were you always a reader? Were you a reluctant reader? Was there a book that convinced you to become a reader?

I am going to say I was a reluctant reader when I was in school. The book that really got me to like reading was:


How did you get involved in the online book community?

 Andi from Andi’s ABC’s. She introduced me to some great authors to read and through her I met some great bloggers.

How did you choose your primary platform (blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc)? How did you come up with your blog name?

I had done a couple of other non book related blogs on WordPress, so it was easy to decide to put my book blog there. Actually my younger sister helped me. She said it should be bookish so I decided Between the Pages was a fun name, since it kind of works with reading.

What’s your favorite thing about the online book community?

The way that they support each other. Whether you’r blog has a thousand visitors or 5, they support you no matter what. And they are some of the nicest, friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

What sort of posts can readers expect from you?

Hopefully some fun, some informative, and some that recommend a book you may not have read yet.

What book genres do you talk about most?

I try and do reviews for every book I read, be it romance, contemporary, dystopian or fantasy. I have to say that lately Contemp and Fantasy seem to be what I’m reading, and while I’m short on reviews at the moment I have a ton planned for the next few weeks.


Favorite food? Beverage?

Favorite Food: Pizza from My Pi or a good Steak
Favorite Beverage: Pepsi and Fruit Punch (but not together)

Favorite color?


Favorite things to do apart from reading?

Hang out with friends and watch movies

Favorite tv shows?

Chicago Fire, Shadowhunters, Chicago Med, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5.0., The 100

Favorite movies?

The Accountant, Any Marvel, Star Wars, Underworld, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Fast & The Furious Franchise, Transformers

Favorite musical artists?

The Beatles, Adele, Cyndi Lauper, Chicago, Kelly Clarkson, Pink

Favorite places to shop?

Amazon, Michaels, Target

Book Talk

Favorite childhood books?

Across Five April’s, The Lottery Rose and Where the Sidewalk Ends

Favorite books read in the last five years?

25878192 (1) 25901553 22706899 23666139 22544152 23479589 12294652 18488433 18221260 11988046 1297396416002428

Favorite genres?

Contemporary Romance, Dystopian and Fantasy

Underrated book, series or author you love?

15724908 16240988 20646273

A book you want to see made into a film or tv show?

22706899 11235712 16096824 16034235 18488433 22544152

Book boyfriend/girlfriend? Book BFF? Book family?

Boyfriend: Cal, Warner, Kai, Rhys, Chaol
Book BFF: Mare, Wil

Book Family: 

Books you want to read in 2017?

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9 thoughts on “#LoveAThon: 2017-Getting to know you!

  1. I agree with all of your book choices, we have the same book preferences. I love that you added Cyndi Lauper to your favorite music, how do you even know who she is?

  2. I agree with your thoughts on the bookish community! Everyone is so lovely here<3 And I love that you mentioned The Storyspinner. Not enough people talk about that series but it's so unique! I hope you love Passenger, Truthwitch and Three Dark Crowns! Those are some of my recent favorites!

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