Book Challenge

Blog All About It Challenge

It’s basically a blogging prompt challenge.

Each month there’s a different prompt that you can interpret as you’d like then create a blog post around it.


If the prompt is BLUE you could…

–make a blueberry cobbler

–review a book with a blue cover

–interview an author who’s name has blue in it

–discuss how you break out of a ‘blue’ mood

–share blue photos you’ve taken

It’s incredibly flexible but also a good way to spread your blogger wings.

I think it’ll be fun to see how differently people decide to blog about the exact same prompt.

The Prompts

January– Winter

February– Red

March– Favorite Scent

April– Art

May– Organize

June– Growl

July– Spirit

August– Beginning

September– Escape

October– Trees

November– Truth

December– Shine/Sparkle

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