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Let’s Talk: Blogging Slumps

So I told myself this year I was not going to let myself skip blogging posts that were not Blog Tour, Cover Reveals or Book Blitz’s.  And I failed. So far this year I have tried tried tried to make myself blog more than those items and it’s hard to find time to do that. I’ve hit my usual blogger slump. Sure I’ve read 30 books so far, but I feel like my posting is few and far between. I mean I missed my monthly wrap up for February, didn’t post a single discussion post or my Blog About it Challenge for March. I’ve hit my annual blog slump.  So to get myself out of it I’m challenging myself to schedule at least 3 posts per week that are not those items.

So far I’ve gotten off to a good start with my challenge. I’ve already scheduled:

2 Top Ten Tuesday Posts
2 Reviews
1 Blog Tour (the last one I’m thinking of doing this year)
1 Discussion post (this one)

I’m hoping to keep this going by adding another discussion post for either this month or next, work on reviewing more books and try and hit my other book/blogging challenges so that maybe I won’t feel so bad if I skip a week. Fingers crossed that this works for me.

Do you ever get in a blogging slump? How do you get yourself out of it?

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Blogging Slumps

  1. I definitely get blogging slumps. I think because I have posts in drafts from when I finish reading them I don’t ever seem like I do, but I certainly do. I try to keep to Top Ten Tuesday and This Week In Books so that’s two non review posts. I’m just lucky I have holiday time that I can read. I always review what I read and leave it for a draft. Then when that poxy slump comes I nearly always have posts in drafts! I know how you feel completely. Great post!

  2. I think it was just three weeks ago that I was in a blogging slump (plus a reviewing slump) and my blog felt like a ghost town! So I brainstormed and listed some bookish blog post ideas other than doing book reviews and it fared well. I visited other blogs for inspirations and looked for a topic that I could write about, something that would excite me and would be easy when I’m in the process of writing it.

  3. Yup, the dreaded blogging slump! I struggle with this at least yearly. I started an off topic discussion Meme just to help myself not get bored with blogging, Beyond the Books. Even writing that is a chore for me some times. Visiting other blogs always gives me some inspiration. Lately, I wish I had more time to blog. I am so far behind due to my adventures in trying to start a book store. I write mostly reviews, and try to do a weekly wrap up along with my Beyond the Books post. That gives me at least 3 posts a week.
    Who said we had to post everyday? No one! This is your blog. Post when you want to and DO NOT feel bad about taking a few days off. Blogging is tough.

  4. you it has happened to me SO MANY times that I’m actually posting about it next week! Hang in there it will pass! 🙂 Most of the time you just need a break 🙂

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