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Blog Tour: Playing her Secret Crush by Casey Griffin


Title: Playing her Secret Crush
Author:  Casey Griffin
Publisher: Entangled Teen Crush
Publication Date: July 2, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance

All her life, Katie has been chosen last for everything: the last picked on the playground, the last picked by her absent father, and definitely the last picked by boys—even her secret crush, Alex, friend-zoned her. This senior year, Katie is determined to come first.

But then Alex asks her to help him find a date?!

Alex has been living life in the fast lane, but he’s ready to slow down—with a girlfriend. The last person on earth he’d consider? The girl his brother developed serious feelings for before he died: Katie. The only way Alex is going to get over Katie is by falling for someone new. And who better to help him find his new crush than the girl he can’t stop thinking about?

What can possibly go wrong?

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What a cute read. I was intrigued from reading the synopsis about how this would turn out between Katie and Alex.  Katie and Alex met at the Hospital while Alex’s brother was dying. Alex decided to stay away from Katie as anything more than friend because of his brothers feelings towards her. Katie however had more than friend feelings for Alex. They developed a deep friendship and even started gaming together, the problem was that Katie seems to like Alex more than Alex likes her, right?

In order for Alex to remind himself that Katie was just his friend and the girl his brother had liked he decided he needed to get a serious girlfriend, and asked Katie to help, after seeing all the articles that Katie had in her room about how to get a boy. Katie, however, has other plans, plans to snag herself a boyfriend and finally stop being picked last for everything. What ensues from this is a hilarious amount of stolen moments, new friends and a chance to fulfill one of Alex’s brothers dreams by winning the biggest gaming competition for the online game they play.

I really enjoyed taking this journey with Alex and Katie and see how each of them felt about each other, new friends and their online gaming world. I think my favorite other character was Lexi, she moved to the town recently and right in next door of Katie. Seeing their friendship develop was great, giving Katie a little girl time away from all the time she spent with Alex.

All in all a cute fun read.

Casey Griffin can often be found at comic conventions on her days off from her day job, driving 400 ton dump trucks in Northern Alberta, Canada. As a jack of all trades with a resume boasting registered nurse, English teacher, and photographer, books are her true passion, and she is currently busy writing every moment she can.

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