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Blog Tour Review and Excerpt: Make Me Forget by Brandy Lynn



Title: Make Me Forget | Goodreads |
Author: Brandy Lynn
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: February 23, 2015
Available On: Kindle, Free with Kindle Unlimited

Photographer: Toski Covey | Facebook |

Cover Designer: Shoutlines Design | Facebook |

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*Inspired by true events*

Where do you turn when the ones who are supposed to love you most, hurt you?

When is enough, enough?

That is the exact question Chloe Evans had when she escaped her own personal hell that terrifying night. Even though the road to rebuilding her life has been tough, she’s spent the last few years trying to mend her battered soul. Doubting that all her efforts are even worth it, she begins to feel she will forever be tied to the man who took everything away from her.

Ryder Matthews is the epitome of what most girls associate with perfection. With his good looks, bad boy persona, multiple tattoos and piercings he is every girl’s fantasy; every girl except Chloe Evans that is. Ryder sees Chloe as a challenge…one that he’s more than confident he will win.

Drew Nichols is every girls dream guy. He’s sweet, sincere, trusting, and most of all patient. He’s exactly what Chloe needs in her life, but is he who she wants?

We all have things in life we’d like to forget about. Some bigger than others. When Chloe uses college as her diversion to escape the memories, will either of them be able to make her forget?


Received ARC in exchange for an honest review

To be 100% completely honest I did not know anything about this book till I was asked to be part of the blog tour. Only then did I go to Goodreads to read about the book, and was intrigued about the story.  However, I was not prepared for what the story actually was about.

Characters: The story is about Chloe Evans, an 18 year old girl who is about to start college. She has spent the past four years living with Melody, her foster mom, after being sexually abused by her step-father. Once she goes to college we meet Ryder, a tattooed boy who saves Chloe from falling then Drew, the cousin of her roommate Alexia (Lex) who helps her bring her belongings into her new dorm room.  From there we meet Braden and Max who are part of Ryder and Drew’s band.

Make Me Forget Character Casting

Plot: This is the story of a young girl experiencing love, college, and freedom for the first time since she got away from her Step-father. On her first day of college she meets not one, but two guys she is instantly attracted to, Ryder and Drew. Alexa, her roommate and only friend, is trying to break her out of her shell by taking her to see Ryder and Drew’s band, where Chloe grows closer to Drew, but still has an attraction to Ryder.

A couple of problems I had with the book:  One of the BIGGEST problems I had with this story was that I was not prepared for the prologue and how it would set the tone for how I saw the rest of the book. It was a little more explicit then I expected, and kind of threw me at first. I had a hard time understanding why the author would start the book off like that. Another problem I thought I was going to have is I hate love triangles, however, this one was really well done, we got to see things from Chloe, Ryder and Drew’s perspectives and it made it easier to stomach. Something that really bugged me was that I did not feel like Chloe was as honest with Drew about her past as she was with Ryder. It made no sense why she never told Drew the reason she kept putting the brakes on, but was so forthright with Ryder when they were not even dating.

All and all in the end I actually like the book, I thought it was well written, slow at times, but a great story about how finding true love can help you move on from a past you’d rather forget.

Rating: 4 stars because it was a great love story midst a lot of growing up by all characters.



I will not look up. I will not look up. I will not look up. I repeat the mantra in my head hoping that I can avoid that intense stare of his. Those eyes are like a beacon looking in. I could get lost in those cobalt blue eyes for days. It’s a powerful feeling that makes me almost uncomfortable; like he can see my scars, pain, and the numbness inside. I shift uncomfortably; I still haven’t answered him when I feel him tilt my chin up with his index finger. Instinctively I pull away looking at him like he has two heads. I hear him chuckle softly.

“What no answer, princess?”

“Sorry. I’m just…surprised that’s all,” I shift uncomfortably in my seat, looking down picking an invisible piece of lint from the hem of my shirt.

“Surprised that I could sing?” he asks with mock hurt.

Throwing my head back, I laugh at his cockiness. “No, I was just surprised to see you here, and that you can sing so…well,” I mumble slightly embarrassed by my admission.

“So you do think I’m good, huh?” I see the laugh in his eyes and can tell he enjoys this banter.

“Yes! Alright, I do. I thought you guys were pretty badass. The entire show was phenomenal.”

“Ahh, see that’s all I wanted you to do. Just admit that you liked it. I could see you bobbing your head all the way from the stage,” he laughs, and when he does a deep throaty sound resonates from his windpipe. It’s so sensual. I swear I want to bottle that sound up so I can pop the top and listen to it anytime that I want.

“Well I did. You guys are great and if your fan club is any indication they think so too. I point over his shoulder and he turns his head in the direction I’m pointing in. I hear him let out a low hiss but not low enough that I didn’t catch it.


About the Author:

Brandy Lynn Photo


Brandy Lynn resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, teenage son, and furry friend. She’s a retired blogger, chocoholic, aspiring writer, wine lover, avid reader, procrastinator, animal lover, and a craft fanatic. Her debut novel, Make Me Forget is scheduled to release on February 23, 2015.

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One thought on “Blog Tour Review and Excerpt: Make Me Forget by Brandy Lynn

  1. i’ve recently started reading some NA as well (usually i read YA mostly) and i’ve noticed it can be kind of explicit as well. i’m not sure if it’s just because im accustomed to YA, or what. but i like NA! it’s a great genre, and i’m kind of at that stage in my life, so i can usually relate pretty well to the book/characters. great review!

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