2015 Reading/Blogging Challenges

frame to match pink and brown

Re-Read Challenge

Books I  Re-Read in 2015:

8684868 11235712 134942371606221117617210 17177392 21469068 18089977 18735912


Debut Authors I have read in 2015:

209451132203278822926825 223285461848843319237391 2034520218798983 23874708 205601372275464425463009


A:Karin Akins,Karin Twist (Loop 2)
B:Beth Bolden, Beth, The Lucky Charm
C:Suzanne CollinsC, Mockingjay
D:Heather Demetrios,Heather I’ll Meet You There
E:Jenny Elliott, Save Me
F:Huntly Fitzpatrick, My Life Next Door
G:Jody Gehrman, The Truth About Jack
H: Kate Hewitt, Rainy Day Sisters
J: Sandy James, Saving Grace
K: Elle Kennedy, The Deal
L:Brandy Lynn, Make Me Forget
M:Megan Miranda, Soulprint
N:  Marieke Nijkamp, This is Where it Ends
O: Kirsten Osbourne, Mail Order Mayhem
P:Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss
R: Cindy L. Rodriguez, When Reason Breaks
S:Eric Smith, Inked
T:Rob Thomas, Mr. Kiss and Tell
W:Cynthia Woolf. Capital Bride
Y: Maisey Yates, Part Time Cowboy


I’m on Fire!: 16+ more books in 2015 then in 2014.


January:  11 Books
February: 9 Books
March: 8 Books
April: 12 Books
May: 5 Books
June: 9 Books
July: 4 Books
August: 3 Books
September: 14 Books
October: 19 Books
November: 16 Books
December: 20 Books

Total Books read in 2014: 51
Total Books read in 2015: 130

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