Book Blogger Appreciation Week Day 2: Kerry from Entomology of A Bookworm

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It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week (#BBAW), a week of appreciating bloggers of books hosted by Estella Society. Five days of appreciation, interviews and discussions.

Day 2: Blogger Interviews:

So I was lucky enough to get to interview Kerry from Entomology of A Bookworm

    1. How long have you been blogging? And what brought you to it in the first place, if you remember? I hit seven years of blogging last summer – time flies! I started mine when I realized I was sending links about books, publishing news, and other reading-related content to friends and family via email, and realized I could just house all that conversation in one place. I had no idea how big the community was at the time.


    1. What’s the book you’ve most enjoyed pushing into the hands of other readers as a blogger? I pretty much won’t shut up about The Dead Ladies Project. It was published in 2015 by a university press, and didn’t get a ton of attention, but it was one of my favorite books of the year. I’ve recommended it to everyone I can since I read it and consider this answer my doing it again. (Here’s my review, if anyone’s interested. It’s a fabulous memoir/essay collection on defining a life.)


    1. What book did you discover because of blogging that you don’t think you would have read otherwise? This is HARD, because there are so many. In the last year, Our Endless Numbered Days, Did You Ever Have a Family, and The Shore.


    1. What’s your policy on marginalia: do you write in your books, or keep them pristine? I am an avid and devout book-writer, note-taker, dog-earer, underliner, highlighter, etc. etc. etc. Though I rarely, if ever, take notes in my e-books.


    1. Print or digital or audio or a mix, or are you sick of people asking this question because all books are books and who cares what format they come in? I’m starting to do print and digital. I’m a solid mix. I love my e-reader for travel and digital galleys and library checkouts, but I’m realizing that e-reading is not my favorite way to consume a book. When I’m looking for my next read, I browse my shelves, not my Nook. I started Clean Your Reader to try to combat this, but I’m currently a very poor event host as I’m not even doing well at my own challenge.


    1. Do you research while you read? (Look up new words, Google new subjects that you might not know much about, etc.) Or do you expect the book and the context to tell you what you need to know? I look up word definitions all the time when I read on my Nook and it’s easy to do so without breaking my stride, but I rarely look things up in the middle of reading otherwise. I will note or dog-ear or otherwise flag a topic, word, or other piece of information to research later. But if I’m being honest, I usually forget to then do so…


    1. Do you read more than one book at a time? Oooooh yes. Right now I think I have four going and that’s a fairly small simultaneous stack for me. My least favorite part of reading is starting a new book, so I like to be in the middle of lots at one time. Though lately I think this is contributing to my reading rut, so I may try to change this habit.


    1. Do you review or in some way write about every single book you read? Not by a long shot. Though one of my goals for 2016 is to be sure to write about the books I love the most; last year I realized that I was so in love with some of my favorite books that I never quite found the words to talk about them, so they went sadly un-discussed on my blog.


    1. Besides reading and blogging, what other hobby or interest do you have? What would you share about this activity for someone new to it? I do a lot of baking and cooking. I’m lucky to have a husband who loves to cook—and is good at it—but I wanted to learn to be more comfortable making dishes outside of my standard four or five go-tos. After I made a concerted effort to really prep before starting a recipe (have ingredients out and chopped/diced/poured/whatever; find tools and bowls required and make sure all are clean and ready), it became a lot less of a frantic scramble and more fun for me. (Also, The Food Lab is a great cookbook for those interested in understanding the basics of recipes beyond just following step by step.)


    I’m also a runner, and I tell people new to running that the first three miles are the worst. Once you can run a 5k, adding mileage gets more fun. Also: even experienced distance runners have good days and bad days. Don’t stop trying when you come across the latter. (I had to call my husband in the middle of a run last year to get him to pick me up – it happens!)


    1. What’s one thing your readers might not know about you? I’m generally an open book (no pun intended!), but most people probably don’t know that I was a fairly serious ballet dancer through most of my childhood and up into high school. I stopped dancing for a lot of different reasons, but I will forever be captivated by ballet; the power and grace of ballet dancers is absolutely breathtaking.

2 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week Day 2: Kerry from Entomology of A Bookworm

  1. I will read infinity books at one time! I am so bad about it. I particularly like to read the first, like, three chapters of everything in my library bag and then stack them all up on my nightstand to be read in full later in the week.

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